How To Get The Gingerbread Man In Solar Smash?

How To Get The Gingerbread Man In Solar Smash
Gingerbread Man – To unlock the Gingerbread Man planet, use the Planet Killer on the Snowman. After some time, the Snowman will start to glow bright orange. Once this happens, you should see the Planet Killer probe teleport away. Now, reset the planet, and you will have unlocked the Gingerbread Man planet in Solar Smash. Similar to Trick or Treat, this requires some precision and timing.
How to Get the Gingerbread Man Secret Planet in Solar Smash Solar Smash is a mobile game available on iOS and Android in which players take a variety of different tools to destroy planets. You can vaporize this, hurling chunks of rocks with monsters, lasers, and even rockets.

There are secret planets to uncover and unlock. Here is how to get the Gingerbread Man secret planet in Solar Smash. In order to get the Gingerbread Man secret planet, you’ll first need to have unlocked the Snowman planet. You can do this quickly by covering Earth in the freeze ray. Make sure every inch of the earth has been hit by the freeze ray so it’s completely submerged.

Then pause and reset the planet; this will unlock the Snowman planet in Solar Smash. Now that you have the Snowman, it’s time to work on getting the Gingerbread Man. Load up the Snowman and send out the planet destroyer enemy. It will charge up an orange laser at it.

You want to aim for the center of the planet. Once the laser hits, simply wait for the planet to start glowing completely orange, which means the laser has triggered the apocalyptic event. Right before it erupts, pause and reset it. Once you’ve done this, the Snowman will have been transformed into the Gingerbread Man.

You’ll now be able to access the Gingerbread Man secret planet from the planets menu at any time. It will be on the same page as the Snowman so double check that it’s there to make sure you’ve fully unlocked it. If for some reason it isn’t there, repeat the above step to make sure.

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How do you unlock the secret planet in solar Smash?

Blockworld – The final secret planet in Solar Smash is called Blockworld. This Solar Smash secret planet is reminiscent of Minecraft, and is most likely a callback to the classic voxel game. To unlock the Blockworld secret planet, the Cube Earth secret planet must be unlocked first (shown above).

How do you get the trick or treat world in solar Smash?

Trick or Treat – Although October is a long way away, Halloween lasts forever in Solar Smash if you manage to unlock Trick or Treat world – or a huge space pumpkin. To get the Trick or Treat World, you need to use the Planet Killer weapon found on the UFO tab (second weapon from the top).